Microsoft Azure has a new icon. The design of the new Azure Logo follows Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. When it comes to consumer-grade, compelling user experiences for any product, Microsoft has also always been the front runner. Above all, The design for Azure icon is now matched with all other Microsoft product families. As per Microsoft’s announcement on the Microsoft azure new logo, it will be available across products and websites over the next few weeks.

Let us hope all other Azure Cloud Platform Services icons will be changed over time to match this design guideline along with the product logo.

A brief look at Azure Logo Evaluation

Firstly, Microsoft announced Windows Azure at PDC 2008, and over the years, it has become the worlds leading cloud platform. It was named “Windows Azure,” then changed to “Microsoft Azure,” along with the windows logo with it’s name. Moreover, over the past several years, Azure has its own logo and it’s branding.

Source: dailydotnettips

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